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Ford Motor Company is really one of the biggest car manufacturers of all time based on global vehicle sales. Ford had a skill for workmanship when he assembled an experimental car in 1896. It was a double cylinder engine with possibility of 20 miles per hour. In 1899 he left his employment to be able to form the Detroit Car Company. 
After making two unsuccessful attempts to begin a business to make cars before 1903, Ford gathered a group of 12 stockholders, including himself, to sign the documents essential to create the Ford Motor Company in mid June 1903.
Ford assembled an experimental racing machine called the 999, which reached 91.4 miles per hour in 1904. In addition, he created the Model C the same year just after introducing the Model B for $2000.
In 1906 Ford launched the Model N for $500 ruining Oldsmobile's company
In 1909. The Model T, or Tin Lizzie, became exceptionally popular for the next 18 years because of its cost of mph range, fuel consumption, engine size, and velocity in the 40 m/hr - $ 850, that catapulted Ford to the peak of the car business. 
The Ford Model T was dependable, practical and affordable, which made it a success in america, where it was marketed as the middleclass man's vehicle. The car's achievement compelled Ford to enlarge his company and layout the fundamentals of mass production principles in 1913 with the addition of the whole world's first vehicle assembly line. By 1912, production amounts for the Model T only reached almost 200,000 units. 
Greater than 15 million vehicles were made under Ford between 1908 and 1927. The Lizzie's enormous popularity kept Ford much ahead of the pack until dwindling sales led to the end of its generation in 1927.
They grown into France, UK, and Germany as Ford continued to make. Ford became a powerful automobile company but needed change as they recognized their only colour was black. In 1927 the Model T left the marketplace just resulting in new and exceptionally advanced autos to be produced.
Nevertheless, the U.S.A. and Canadian market would prove to be too little to fit Ford's strategies. The organization's action on European reasons farther helped the brand's earnings increase.
The biggest family-managed business on the planet, the Ford Motor Company has been in continuous family management for over 110 years. Ford now encompasses two brands: Lincoln and Ford. Ford once possessed 5 other luxury brands, they were Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Mercury. But as time passes those brands were sold to other businesses and Mercury was discontinued.
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