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The WWII destroyed everything. Japan focused on rebuilding the country, economic, industry and automobile industry. Many Japanese auto manufacturers had to convert to produce vehicles especially for the military necessity.   

The war made many open spots that had to be occupied as fast as possible and Honda was quick enough to establish the company, which subsequently became the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Soichiro Honda founded his company in 1948. It was time when every car or bike factories were completely destroyed by the war.

Honda specialized in developing a cheap cars and he decided to place an engine into a bicycle creating a very efficient means of locomotion. Cheap and convenient vehicles were the fact of Honda's expansion. Then ten years later, Honda arrived the U.S.A and established the American Honda Co. Its world domination was natural and easy because of clever subsidiary locations and dealership offices.

Soichiro felt that Honda would be the greatest company in the world which would set a new high quality standard of car-production. This and his almost Napoleon`s plans on the car markets made Honda invincible in competitions eyes.

The brand became popular owing to innovative engineering. The motorcycle division of the Honda Company were increasing sales pushing Honda on the motorcycle manufacturer's top. Honda became the largest motorbike manufacturer in the world during 1970s.

The Honda motorcycles attracted attention at the Honda Company but cars of these Japanese manufacturers did not enjoy wide popularity among American drivers. Small-sized cars were designed especially for the Japanese market and they could not be accepted in the U.S.A in comparison with large American vehicles.

Honda started producing larger models oriented to American citizens. Honda Civic became the first car, which could attract the American customers although it still small compared to the US-made cars. The energy crisis of 70’s gave Honda the second chance. Due to the CVCC model, which was a variation of the stratified engine, the Japanese carmaker managed to meet emissions regulations without having to equip its cars with catalytic converters both reducing pollution and rising prices.

In the middle of 70's, Honda released Honda Accord that quickly became popular due to its fuel economy and easy drive. Honda was only Japanese car manufacturers in the world which established a plant on the American land in 1982. There was the first assembly line was built in Maysville (Ohio), then in Lincoln (Alabama) and another in Timmonsville, (South Carolina). The latest Honda factory was opened in Tallapoosa (Georgia) in 2006.

The Honda Company realized that it was hard to meet the competitions in the luxury car segments against the veterans of the American European manufacturers. In 1986 Honda presented Acura and successful models such as the Legend or Integra. We have to remember you that Honda was the first Japanese carmaker to do this. After Nissan and Toyota followed producing their own separate luxury lines: Infiniti and Lexus.

In 1989, Honda announced about a new engine V-Tec. The V-TEC is capable of variable valve control, which synchronize open/close valve to increase power at high revolutions and reduce fuel consumption at low ones. Now Honda takes part in smart engine research, safety improvements and pre-crash warning and avoidance systems.

Concerning Honda participation in motorsport the Japanese company holds its position and keeps abreast with other Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Honda is the best engine maker in the world with over 14 million engines manufactured per year. 

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