KAMAZ was set up in 1969 as Kama Complex of Plants to make heavyduty trucks (Production Association KAMAZ). In 1990, PA KAMAZ was re-organized in to a company.

The very first vehicle came off the mom gathering conveyor on February 16, 1976. Each third truck of 14 40 t GVW utilized in the CIS states and Russia is KAMAZ. KAMAZ vehicles are utilized in a lot more than 80 nations.
In Brief
70 alternatives of its own place were examined. The town of Naberezhnye Chelny, then the village to the Kama River, was picked one of them. Its advantages were clear. Naberezhnye Chelny was situated within the very centre of the former USSR. The navigable rivers - the Volga as well as the Kama, closeness to a railroad track enabled to furnish the building site with raw and building materials, equipment, parts, and later to deliver trucks to customers. 
Specialists and workers of 70 ethnic origins from all possible corners of the USSR assembled at the building site in Naberezhnye Chelny. Over 2000 businesses, all central authorities of Gossnab of the agencies, ministries and USSR furnished KAMAZ with construction materials and equipment. A lot more than 100 thousand individuals worked at the building site. The future vehicle plant was furnished with the absolute most up-to-date procedure equipment of such time. KAMAZ was built on empty fields among hills. The contractors needed to deliver and drop an incredible number of cubic meters of earth to be able to smooth out the roughness of the nation and do oversite excavation.
Burning communal issues were being solved, as the car plant was being assembled. KAMAZ supplied thousands of individuals living in communal flats and barracks with comfortable houses, modern medi-cal and educational institutions, kindergartens, numerous centres of sport, culture, re-creation and amusement. Because of KAMAZ, a developed suburban agricultural zone along with a big industrial and scientific centre were created in Prikamye Region.
The city's inhabitants per annum grew by 30 40 thousand individuals. 
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