The nation was giving every thing it might for the development of the long run firstborn of Belarusian automobile industry. 
1947 the very first five MAZ trucks were assembled there.
1947 First MAZ-205 trucks that drove outside of the plant's gates at the conclusion of October 1947 just declared the arrival of Belarusian automobile industry. To ensure that Minsk trucks appear at nation's building sites quicker the plant was to be assembled in the pace dictated by the times. Within the result within the same 1948 it was possible to arrange a production of autos and once the building was over to reach and to even exceed the planned production capacities. In 1951 the plant made 250000 vehicles from the in the offing 150000. And maybe not only was the amount of the trucks increasing. The trucks as yet not known to the entire world automobile industry appeared within the effect of constructors' hunt. The very first world 40- ton dumptruck MAZ-530 was marked with the very best award "GrandPrix" at the World Industrial Exhibition in Brussels in October 1958. 1958In November 1958 there was really an event in the plant that pre-determined its future development considerably: the examples of MAZ - MAZ and 500 - 503 trucks that were to restore MAZ - 200 trucks of the very first family were assembled. However, the best way to new cars wasn't simple. It requested both energy plus time. As well there have been challenging engineering options, comprehensive tests of new vehicles, reconstruction of the generation ahead. And most of the tasks set were implemented by folks working at the plant. In 1966 there arrived the very first prize on the business's banner. It had been the order of Lenin. And in 1971 the factory obtained the order of the October Revolution.
1970The 70-s were the years of gifted renewal of the vehicles made. Trucks and truck tractors built in the 70 - s on the foundation of 4 - axis allwheel drive chassis became crucial helpers for geologists, oilmen and contractors during the complete process of exploration of difficult - toreach regions of Middle and Siberia Asia. That has been the next order of Lenin. Early 80-s were marked for the factory by a significant occasion. Might 19, 1981 the first fifthwheel truck tractor MAZ - 5432 of the new MAZ - 6422 perspective group of road trains and trucks was gathered in the primary line. And significantly less than in a couple of years, April 16, 1983 the truck of this MAZ family was assembled. The generation of new vehicles continued to develop. April 14, 1989 the 1000000th was generated. It proved to be MAZ-64221 fifthwheel truck tractor. The factory was preparing a generation of threeaxle fifthwheel truck tractors. At the conclusion of 80th the prototype of famed MAZ-2000 "Perestrojka" concept car was made.
They certainly were completely up to each of the demands set for heavyload autos for international transportations.
1997Minsk Automobile Plant that always played an essential part in development of Republics of the former Soviet Union keeps on supplying the requirements the other nations of CIS and Republic of Belarus in vehicles. Minsk Automobile Plant attracts welldeserved interest of foreign partners too. The difference between that endeavor and other CIS jobs in car construction business was that the share of parts and Belarusian units within the generation produced by the Joint Venture wouldn't be significantly less than 60%. "MAZ-MAN" project became an essential measure for Belarusmade autos for international transportations to remain competitive with the top world brands on CIS markets.
2006In February 2006 an original for national makers airfield bus MAZ 171 was produced. It had been especially meant for passenger transport at airports. In 2007 MAZ 171 was given a prize in the exhibit "The most readily useful bus of the full year in Russia". The exhibit was arranged by the primary editor of "Commercial vehicles" magazine Aleksandr Solntsev.
2007Minsk Automobile Plant is really one of the largest and earliest automobile plants within CIS. Heavy trucks form the principal section of plant production but other vehicles like buses, trailers and special vehicles will also be created here.
In-may 2007a motor rally was organized along with "GAZ" group on Minsk-Novosibirsk course. The race course continuing right down to about 5 thousand kilometers lay in the land of four federal districts of the Russian Federation. The primary goal of the race may be the familiarization of clients with base serial production samples of MAZ vehicles meeting demands of Euro-3 standards. A broad variety of managing and service companies are not only able enough to get familiar with the brand new products but in addition got advice directly from the makes.
In-may 2007 Minsk Automobile Plant released the very first bus assembly demands of Euro-4 environmental standards. This is really a lowfloor city bus MAZ 203 076 designed with 2013 Deutz engine. The driver's place of work was renewed. The pen became more ample, the inside was renewed. 
Previously the plant assembled the trucks just with imported engines of Euro-3 standard. April 2008 2008In Minsk Automobile Plant started a serial production of the fifthwheel tractor MAZ - 644019 of Euro - 4 environmental standard. When developing a truck special attention was paid to security and supplying an appropriate driver's workplace.
The inside of the cottage wasn't ignored either. Electrical machines and electronic systems were considerably enhanced. At this speed the brand new road train of Minsk Automobile Plant has embodied the finest achievements of presentday car production when it comes to comfort, design and security level, environmental science, technical and operational parameters.
In September 2008 Minsk Automobile Plant presented the very first vehicle furnished with the engine that works on compressed gas. MAZ-534003 dropside truck using a gaspower engine is the consequence of the coproject between Minsk Automobile Plant and also the authorized dealer of RUE "MAZ" in the Czech Republic JSC "Trado "Holding". The works in the engine with pollutionfree fuel have already been conducted throughout the past 3 years. A 6 cylinder V-shaped gasoline-power engine "TEDOM" made within the Czech Republic of Euro-4 environmental standard was installed in the truck.
2009In February 2009 RUE "Minsk Automobile Plant" was re-organized in to a Joint Stock Company.
For the very first time a gaspower engine was installed on a MAZ bus. Anyway, the space frame was made at Minsk Automobile Plant and exported to Serbia, where "Vulovich Transport" business installed on it a gas electricity engine assembly demands of Euro-4 standard using a capacity of 285 h.p.
In-may 2009 Minsk Automobile Plant made a jubilee 10 000th MAZ bus. It was a middle class lowfloor bus MAZ 206. In 2,000 the 1 000th bus was assembled. In October 2009 Minsk Automobile Plant made a fresh version of the 2nd generation MAZ 205 bus. It's an articulated lowfloor bus of an additional large category created for passenger transport on busy city routes. 
Fighting for this particular title MAZ bested the trucks of the world-renowned producers Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, KamAZ, and Ural.
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