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Nissan was created in Japan, and like other marques from its birthplace, the brand is famous for crafting vehicles that put an emphasis on quality and dependability. 

Known by several names, this important Asian conglomerate has been producing cars since 1914. Nissan is the third-largest automaker in Japan, now. The Nissan Motor Company took on the Datsun business in 1933 and in 1934 it could take in the title we all know today.
The very first Datsun passenger-car came off the assembly line in 1935 and fairly soon Nissan began exporting to Australia. In 1937 the Datsun Type 15 becomes the first massproduced automobile in Japan, which likewise comes in mini-pick-up and delivery van kind.
Nissan determines to grow to america, ever-expanding the creation. This go from 1958 was created as a result of American impact Nissan had because of its designer, William R. Gorham. The versions exported to the USA were 1200 Sedans with a 48 hp motor, a compact pick-up with 37 hp which afterwards became a top-seller throughout the 50s.
Now, the business moves into another area of the industry, beginning to offer sport cars. Initially, it might be the SPL 210, a slim, high roadster had a 48hp motor and a folding soft-top, shortly upgraded to a model.
In the offroad sector, the Patrol is debuted, with a generous number of hp, that was advertised to be capable "to climb timber". 
The 1970 240Z becomes the top selling sports-car on earth by providing comfort and quality at an economical cost. Sales in US begin taking off till, in 1975, Datsun becomes the #1 importer within the States.
In 1981, Nissan shelved the Datsun name and started selling automobiles world-wide under the Nissan moniker. The '80s also found Nissan's launching of the tuning division called Nismo for the development of performanceoriented vehicles and accessories. Nissan also introduced its creation to American shores, together with the building of the GA-based plant.
Nissan begins in order to match demand enlarging during the 1980s and opens up new factories. And only when everyone believed that Nissan could not get any larger, along comes an entirely new model of Nissan, one geared toward a far more lavish segment of the industry, Infiniti. 
Early '90s found Nissan's fortunes increase in the US thanks to entertaining-todrive cars like the 300ZX, Maxima and Sentra. However, this tendency did not last long and by the late '90s Nissan's choices consisted of anonymous vehicles. The organization's future was doubtful.
New versions are added to the line around corner the market, as new plants get constructed throughout the 1990's. As the best sold models within the Nissan lineup the Altima sedan and also the Sentra become frontrunners. 
In 2002, the Z theory is resurrected with the 350Z, a car that fast wins over car fanatics but professionals too. The ewly-formed SUV marketplace may also be represented within the Nissan lineup with all the Murano. Now, the boys at Nissan appear to truly have an actual difficult point because they have launched a vehicle, the GTR, the crowning jewel of Nissan motoring and engineering to make.
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