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SEAT now is the sole important Spanish car manufacturer with all the skill along with the infrastructure to produce its automobiles inhouse.
Its headquarters and chief manufacturing facilities are situated in Martorell, an industrial city located some 30 kilometres north-west of Barcelona, with a production capacity of around 500,000 units yearly. A railway link between SEAT's Martorell and Zona Franca complexes facilitates automobile and components transport between both sites.
SEAT Brand History.
The business began in 1950 with the aid of the Instituto Nacional de Industria and Fiat. That's the reason initially, Seat were just rebadged and somewhat altered Fiats. They even retained the names. 
The initial version Seat nevertheless, was the the 1400, which began production in 1953. Quickly, they considered producing and exporting Seats to Colombia in 1965. 
But however huge the Spanish maker became, it required the capital and expertise of the much larger and older auto company. Particularly because Fiat pulled away from the deal in 1981. 
The exact same year, the first "Fiat free" auto appeared, named the Seat Ronda. Primarily, it was a restyled Fiat Ritmo, a reality which did not bode well against the Italians have been quick to take the issue to court. To be able to settle the dispute, Seat president in the time, Juan-miguel Antonanzas revealed in a press conference a Fiat Ritmo along with a Seat Ronda alongside, together with the Seat having painted in glowing yellow every one of the components which were variations from the "donor car".
In 1984 the first Ibiza design rolled-out of the factory at Zona Franca, predicated on the Volkswagen Polo. 
Just 4 years after Volkswagen will go all the way and purchase the whole of Seat, possessing 99,99% of its shares. The very first Seat version following the acquisition was the Toledo, revealed in 1991. The new Ibiza and also the Cordoba are created in 1993, as Seat celebrates the opening of the brand new plant at Martorell.
The occasion is observed with the auto roll outside of the assembly line pushed from the Prince of Asturias. A fresh face for Seat has been concocted, as new versions are now being introduced: the new Toledo in 1998, the Alhambra in 1996 and the rally - prepared Ibiza WRC and Cordoba WRC with which several titles are attained by Seat.
A new line is followed by the company in advertising and branding, much more advanced and more competitive, since the new century rolls in. The Cordoba and the Leon Cupra launched in 2002. The exact same year a re-organization within the Volkswagen team sees Seat link the Audi Brand Team.
Among SEAT's subsidiaries, the SEAT Deutschland GmbH subsidiary business relies in Morfelden Walldorf, Germany, and besides its business activities has the additional duty of managing SEAT's electronic stage, the SEAT IT Solutions Network.In Wolfsburg, Germany, in the center of the lake inside the Autostadt, the Volkswagen Group's business theme park, is SEAT's thematic pavilion, among the biggest pavilions in the park.
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