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Michio Suzuki, the creator of the Suzuki company, began pretty much like Toyota, within the fashion industry, creating automatic looms in 1909 in a little seacoast village called Hamamatsu. For a long time, his business was successful, but Suzuki realized that if he wanted to remain in business he must diversify, as time passed.
He considered car-making and in 1937 began building a prototype. Unlike Toyota, who decided to duplicate an American sixcylinder engine, Suzuki produced their particular model, a variant which released 13 hp. However, as WORLD War 2 began, creation of passenger vehicles became a luxury therefore Suzuki turned back again to loom-making to help Japan's new cotton sector. When the industry crashed in 1951 all that ceased.
Imaginative and flexible, Suzuki now considered producing engines for bikes. Contrary to other engines which can be mounted to bicycles, his motors had a special characteristic that enabled the rider to pedal-assisted by the motor or completely disconnect the pedals. This caught the interest of the authorities who given funds to Suzuki for study.
Other designs in the 1960's include the Suzuki Fronte 500 and the little Suzuki Fronte 360.
The famed offroad Jimny arrived in 1970, which had several versions of motor and chassis. The other vehicles in the 70s are the Fronte, Alto and the Cervo, also with numerous developments and variations across recent years.
Throughout the 1990's, the business continued to grow with factories throughout the planet and many other 4x4 versions were introduced. At this time, Suzuki is listed as the 12th largest automotive producer on the planet with 35 manufacturing facilities throughout the Earth and being contained in countries.
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