Baughan were bikes made in 1921 and from 1930 to 1936. The firm also created light cars.
The business was centered at Lower Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire and possessed by H. P. Baughan.
1921 A light cyclecar was analyzed. It had one rear-wheel driven by means of a chain from the threespeed SturmeyArcher gearbox, run by means of an 8hp sv Blackburne V-twin which was set over the framework. The easy bodywork integrated a seat, for occasional use with another passenger. It's improbable the layout got much additional than the drawingboard.
There is a difference of almost ten years during which time Baughan became dominant as a driver in side-car trials. He later became a part of event organizing.
1929 1936 Baughan's outfits had the sidecar wheeldriven and he began to construct devices to purchase - in the speed of approximately one monthly. In addition, he assembled his designs and solos had engines ranging from 250cc to 500cc, with sv or ohv, and came from Blackburne, SturmeyArcher or JAP.
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