Gawd Bless 'The Brochure King'! Once more Richard Stanier rides to the saving of Biglorryblog and says: "Hi Brian, I was not able to resist answering your phone for some Autocar content. I've began using a U70 (above), which is uncommon in being a cabover when most Autocar versions were conventionals. The U70 was their medium-duty offering of the '40s and was driven from the 'Autocar Blue Streak' motor as high as 145hp. Should you look carefully you'll discover the signage around the tank consists of raised letters mounted to the bodywork, instead of being just painted on!"
"The next image is a DC10464 Logging Tractor from 1959. These were provided with Cummins 220 power, and they establish the template for your demanding, no nonsense fashion for which Autocar were celebrated within the postwar years."
Rich continues: "This is an intriguing shot of the cab inside from the 1949 booklet subtitled "Here's the cab for actual comfort - and security, also". Note the double stick transmission setup and the somewhat unsettling expression to the driver's face!" Yes I believed it was a little a 'devilish smile' too Rich! Possibly he was going to take the lead part in 'Duel'!
"Coming more up thus far, here's two or three pictures of the 'Legend' although under Volvo control (courtesy of the White organization) - the classic hardy firm, for building and durable applications, as well as their long-haul tractor from 1981, which seemed like it might have provided the other superior marques a run for their money within the master - driver section."
Rich concludes: "The last Autocar booklet I have (before their recent re-development with all the Taxi Over Expeditor) is that that one from 1997. With this time it was the "Volvo Autocar Centennial Limited-edition" which regardless of the Autocar "branding" had by now got the Volvo bar across it is grille. I believe this version ultimately mutated into the Volvo VHD variety. Cheers!, Wealthy."
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