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The Daihatsu brand name wasn't utilized until 1951, although its roots may be traced straight back to 1907. 
Daihatsu Motor Company began as the Hatsudoki Seizo Company, Ltd., created in Osaka in 1907 by a group of professors from Osaka University whose job it was going to advance Japan's national motor vehicle business.
Constructor of small automobiles, Daihatsu first released lowpriced small engined three wheelers before establishing its range of four wheelers in 1958.
Even in the beginning, the business, now part of Toyota, has specialised in fourwheel - drive offroaders and smallcapacity passengers cars. 
Following the First-world War, once the significance of automotive vehicles in modern war was established, national vehicle production was encouraged. In this time Hatsudoki Seizo focused its creation on trucks for the armed forces, bikes, and little threewheeled vehicles that could easily negotiate Japan's narrow roads and alleyways.
Despite encouragement from the armed forces, leading to large purchase orders for national motor vehicles, passenger cars were considered too dangerous an investment for Japan's huge manufacturers. While it imported almost 15, 000, chiefly from the United States Of America, lacking a complex machine tool infrastructure, passenger cars were produced only 1,000 by Japan in 1929. This monopoly of the Japanese car marketplace finished with the military coup of the Japanese authorities in the mid1930s.
In the mid1960s, a major transformation was undergone by the Japanese auto industry. Mergers happened among the important car manufacturers, and while Nissan merged with other Japanese automobile firms, Toyota embarked on a jv with Hino and Daihatsu. Together, these two primary auto-creating groups controlled over 60% of the Japanese automobile market. Pooling resources in this manner empowered Daihatsu to expand more into the little vehicle marketplace, increasingly gearing itself to exports. Over 50% of Japanese automobile production after 1968 would be for the global marketplace.
Japan's national tax laws brought about a distinctive generation of miniature K-class citycars, which had to adhere to strict performance and dimensions rules. 
Daihatsu's Cuore, with a double-cylinder 547cc engine, first appeared in 1976. It was joined a decade later by the Leeza, together with the variant creating 50bhp.
Daihatsu's first 4WD offroader was the utility Taft, accessible with engines from 1.0 petrol to 2.5litre diesel. 
Regardless of the rollerskate - for - giant - scaly - creatures look, Daihatsus have proven very useful within the hyper busy metropoleis. Its SUV range was afterwards completed by the somewhat commercial-utility Fourtrak version in 1985 and the 1990 released Sportrak. Inspite its significant efforts, Daihatsu couldn't compete against the little SUV range of other producers for example Honda or Toyota.
Changes in regulations and taxes regarding K - class automobiles also have enabled while still complying to the measurements and operation compliances Daihatsu to raise the size of its vehicles. 
The small fivedoor Move, designed in conjunction with THOUGHT in Italy, uses a 12valve threecylinder 847cc engine, with a threespeed automatic an alternative over the fivespeed manual 'box. More normal is the Grand Move, essentially a small MPV with a 1.5litre engine.
Overall Daihatsu's Britain range has a tendency to be characterised by dynamically unremarkable but extraordinarily packaged smaller vehicles. One possible exception may be the fashionable Copen roadster.
The amalgamation with the Toyota Motor Corporation has supplied an exceptional route for reaching distant markets like Australia and South America.
Despite its 1992 departure from the U.S. marketplace, the business remained a tenacious international competition in the little vehicle and electric car markets. In the aftermath of its own pullout, Daihatsu returned its focus to cuttingedge technologies like electric cars in addition to emergent automobile markets in South-East Asia, especially China.
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