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The Business began creating the initial Japanese cars In 1911 Masujiro Hasimoto, with the aid of three investors (the first initials of the family names were D.A.T.), formed the Kwaishinsha Motor-car Works. 

The name was based on the last name of one of its own financiers, specifically Rokuro Aoyama, Kenjoro Den and Meitaro Takeuchi. 
Ironically, the name 'DAT' in Japanese does mean 'quick hare'. 
By 1912 he had assembled an experimental auto that was followed in March 1914 by a prototype for the 4-cylinder 2,000 cc DAT 31; a version that has been created in 1915.
Many automotive manufacturers were crippled by the great depression. In an effort to revitalize its image, the organization had a re-organization. 
Section of the strategy was supposed to rename the business. The name was afterwards changed to Datsun. The business was carve and subsequently got from it is parent business. 
In 1933, the Nissan Motor Company was set up in Yokohama with the goal of creating the Austin A40. Within the beginning, the production was low.
The prognosis for the business was unknown, when WWII occured. As the Nissan name referenced commercial vehicles the name Datsun was utilized to refeer to the passenger vehicles. 
From the 1950's through the early '70s, Datsun was known for his or her fashionable sports cars.
In 1958, a guy named Yutaka Katayama made a rally team in an effort to encourage the Datsun name in occasions. The continued success to the racing circuit vitalized sales and made a demand for the automobile. 
With a passion for sportscars, Katayama support executives to make cars that will attract American buyers. The American market had for ages been interested in large vehicles powered by engines. Because the early 1950's, vehicles for example MG, Austin Healey, BMW and Jaguar was creating little, sporty, receptive sports cars that has been becoming more and more attractive to the American people. This was apparent after with all the Mustang and which General Motors responded with all the Corvette while Ford replied making use of their Thunderbird. For US, the tendency of large-motors continued but changed to smaller cars that weighed less. The result was the muscle car age.
By 1966, Datsun engineers began work with an image that will get to be the 240Z. The goal was supposed to make an agile, compact vehicle that will offer comfort, functionality, plus a competitive cost. 
By 1969, the 240Z was for sale in america at a cost of around $3,426. With the 2400cc sixcylinder, 150 hp engine, the car had been able to go from zero-to-sixty miles per hour in less than nine seconds. Demand for the small vehicle was overwhelming. 
The automobile had not been merely a success in showrooms, but in addition in the race track. John Morton won the C - Creation SCCA National Title for Brock Racing Enterprises in 1971 and in 1970. While drive a 240Z Bob Sharp caught the title in 1972 and 1973. The run continued for ten years.
The name Datsun continues to be in use within Japan, but in other areas of the whole world, the name became part of history and is perhaps not longer used since around 1982.
1985: Collected car production surpassed 10,000,000.
1990 Daihatsu entered into a technical co-operation deal with Asia Motors Co., Inc. of Korea.
1993: Charade GTti caught a 1st place triumph in class A-7 and fifth place overall in the 41st Safari Rally.
Accumulated sales of electric vehicles surpassed 7,000 units.
2001: CNG stand EcoStation opened in front of Daihatsu headquarters in Ikeda.
Creation of light passenger car Go surpassed 1 million units.
2003: New Kagami Plant for industrial engine production finished.
Terios creation started in China.
Light passenger car Tanto advertised.
A car together developed by Daihatsu and Toyota, Xenia, promoted in Indonesia.
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