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Scania (SCANIA) is Sweden The truck and bus maker, is the planet's most well-known car manufacturers. The headquarters can be found in So derta lje, Scania is one of the Kerna holiness Latin name. The Scania Sweden beyond the place including Brazil, Argentina And Netherlands are furnished with production-line. 1911 With truck and auto makers, Scania VABIS amalgamation, AB ScaniaVabis. 1969 And, ScaniaVabis Saab (SAAB) joined with AB, Saab-Scania. The team in 1995 The split, SAAB creation, Scania production trucks, passenger vehicles and buses, heavy vehicles.

Scania early symbol, especially, went through 107 fall and spring. The old symbol after revision, although with the passing of time, however they still glow. In the central of the emblem may be the Griffin (Griffin), which symbolizes strength, agility, speed and bravery..
Dertelge business, VABIS business, and it's this name, enables the business to recognized. In 1906, the business registered trademark. 
In years, with all the classic Emblem Car formally from the factory. This is actually the very first time in the history of Sweden mass-production automobile, the total creation of five vehicles.
In 1911, Scania and VABIS amalgamation, a fresh symbol emerge as the times demand. The brand new logo design is easy and powerful. At that time, business managers have understood the significance of maintaining its distinctive identity, are recognized by the marketplace. 
In line with the registration office archives and patent, initially, Scania VABIS to control their precious trademark dimension aren't that eager, simply fulfill the submission of a straightforward description trademark form to the registration office and patent. Until 1954 the Scania VABIS determined to trademark the exact colour, matching and use conditions. Then the business has developed two common variants, one version is comparatively easy, simply the abstract of the pedal crank. Another variant provides exact proportion of red, blue, gold and silver. 
In 1969, Saab and VABIS Scania (SAAB) merged to create the Saab Scania Company Limited - the. The happy business logo was briefly suspended. At that point, the business does not popular utilization of brand. In this age, just the Scania English title gracefully standing around the organization's car front, but Griffin hasn't own place. It'll appear again, only if the business must enhance the old vehicle truck The hood When. In 1984, Saab-scania re - created a logo, Griffin again using. VABIS names and no pedal crank for your brand new brand, which includes two perpendicular ellipses, each circle symbolizes an organization, is in the center of the griffin.
In 1995 Might, Scania has once more become a different companies, using the initial brand is modeled, along with a revised, this is really a hint that people see now Scania.
"People often believe that, we adopted in Scania's long and rich and vibrant history of trademarks and logotypes, know all, but the fact isn't therefore" in charge of Scania manufacturer job Anna Pei Rong said: "in the job, I met some don't comprehend the logo version, since the file is dropped the. If everyone can provide additional information, we're not going to value."
In ancient mythology, Griffin has consistently become the absolute most powerful sign of creature. 
Griffin as a sign of agility, speed, strength and bravery of the symbol is famous.
Griffin is generally an assortment of God's spirit, so that it may get a nickname "hounds of Zeus". 
Griffin image Scania, was initially a shield from southern Sweden's Scania state (Skane). Up to now, the protect from Malmo City Griffin badge. When Eric king ruled Denmark, Norway And sweden.
Initially in 1891 Sodertalje A production train set up manufacturing plants. The complete name of the business once known as Vagnfabrikasktiebolaget I So derta lje (Swedish, meaning "So derta lje truck factory") called Vabis. Soon, companies started to make and develop trucks and automobiles.
In 1900, Maskinfabriksaktiebolaget Scania (Swedish and Latin blend, have specifically "Ska ne" machines manufacturer in Malmo (Sweden); the southern-most state of Ska the biggest town of NE) was established, the creation of bike. Quickly, Scania also began the creation of automobiles and trucks. In 1902, the organization created the very first truck.
In 1968, Swedish SaabScania and Finnish Valmet established the Saab - Valmet joint venture. The intention was to create automotive knowhow in Finland. The automobile plant was located in Uusikaupunki, along with the creation started in 1969. First, Saab cars were assembled chiefly for the national customers, but soon their high quality opened the doors to export markets.
Since 1992, the business was owned by Valmet only. In November 2010 Finnish investment companies Pontos Finnish and Group Industry Investment Ltd became owners of Valmet Automotive with a shareholding of 34% of the business.
Valmet Automotive renewed its scheme in 2008. The variety of engineering services is made available and proliferated as different complete options. The Board is strengthened by top names of the automobile industry, and customer communication is facilitated by a global contact network. In 2010, Valmet Automotive founded Business Services to assist clients within the crucial measures that follow production and precede engineering.
The product portfolio is complemented perfectly by the roof systems acquisition. Additionally, it highlights Valmet Automotive's strategic focus on international growth and operations. Valmet Automotive has representation also in the United States Of America, Sweden, Republic of Korea, and China, now.
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