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Buick is a luxury car marque of General Motors. Buick models are offered within America, Europe, and Asia. Buick holds the distinction as the earliest active American make. Buick models share some architecture with other GM brands.


Buick traces its start to David Dunbar Buick, produced in Arbroath, Scotland, in 1854, and brought to Detroit at age 2. David became a plumbing inventor/executive within the 1880s, subsequently became fascinated with gasoline engines within the mid1890s. He was soon constructing engines for boats and farm use and by 1899 or 1900 had opened Buick Auto - Power Co and Vim. Among the tiny business's said specialties: automobile engines. 


Within this age, Buick and his associates assembled two cars

1899 -- Scottish produced David Buick commences Buick Auto-Vim and Power Co. in Detroit. He makes prototype cars and engines.

1904 -- A Buick image makes a successful 120mile roundtrip from Flint to Detroit over several days. Buick creates a total of 37 Model B Touring Cars.
1908 -- Flint passenger car maker William Durant, who's by now Buick's supervisor, forms General Motors. Buick is the firm's only brand. Buick sells 8, 820 automobiles in the 1908 model year, surpassing Cadillac and Ford. After he buys up other brands, including Cadillac and Chevrolet Buick is established by durant as a midluxury brand.
1923 - - its one millionth car is built by Buick.
1925 -- Buick and GM Export sent a Buick round the world without just one driver - passing the automobile from one sales/service operation to another to exhibit the global reach of GM's operations.
1933 -- NoDraft Ventilation, developed by Fisher Body, is released on all GM cars.
1936 -- The Buick Roadmaster, a landmark in styling (designed by Harley Earl), is introduced.
1939 -- The industry's first back turn signals to utilize flasher are introduced by Buick.
1945 -- The Buick Oldsmobile-Pontiac Assembly Department is organized. It later becomes GMAD (General Motors Assembly Office) in1965.
1948 -- Buick introduces the first torque converter-kind automatic transmission, Dynaflow, offered in America passenger vehicles.
1951 - - Buick debuts the LeSabre show car, the first version with plane - inspired design elements like a wraparound windshield plus tail fins. The LeSabre present for sale in 1959.
1953 -- The Buick high-compression V-8 engine is introduced. 12volt electrical systems, developed by Delco Remy Division, are installed on Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs and Buicks. Power brakes are provided by Oldsmobile and Buick.
1955 -- The industry's first fourdoor "pillarless" hardtop sedans are provided by Buick and Oldsmobile on 1955 models.
1963 -- Buick Riviera present for sale.
1966 -- General Motors introduces the business's first energy absorbing steering column.
1973 -- Buick Regal present for sale.
1984 -- Buick's U.S. sales peak at 942,000. 
1999 -- General Motors begins constructing Buicks in China.
2002 -- Buick debuts the Rendezvous SUV, its first truckbased vehicle since
2004 -- Buick LaCrosse present for sale.
2008 -- Buick begins a brand overhaul with the advent of the lavish Encore crossover, which helps it appeal to younger buyers. 
2012 -- Buick were sold 180,000 cars in the United States and 700,000 cars in China.
Though long known for catering to retirement-age customers with its full-size sedans, the automaker's lineup now includes SUVs and sport sedans designed to bring younger buyers into the showrooms of Buick dealers.Buick specializes in sedans and crossover SUVs and is modifying its philosophy in the hopes of attracting younger buyers. Luxury and class are still common themes, but newer models have European influences in their handling and ride dynamics. As such, many modern Buicks, such as the compact Verano sedan provide a more entertaining drive and more contemporary styling than people might expect from this "old" nameplate.
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