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Jeep cars have become the transfer of selection for adventurers and liberators for more than 50 years. 

The first Jeep car was born of necessity, and handbuilt in only seven weeks with tons of hard work and brilliance.
Jeep is now an auto brand and logo of the Chrysler Team. Its appearance was started by WORLD War 2 demands, at times once the US military had contracted three auto builders to design a hardy, reliable military car. Among the car builders there was one Pennsylvania based business by the name of American Bantam. Who came up with a solid and surprisingly easy design. The vehicle, called Bantam BRC was astonishingly well built except for a little glitch which was seen by army officials as a major defect: Bantam's engine didn't match the army's torque requirements.
The very first civilian jeep or CJ was created in 1941 by Wyliss after which the business changed proprietors frequently. Wyliss was absorbed by Kaiser in 1953, becoming KaiserJeep in the procedure. 
Kaiser and Willys established the business name and AMC took over in 1970. AMC upgraded the line with their particular engines and various other developments; nevertheless, no new vehicles were created, except for the Hummer at the AM General section. AM General was the office that assembled vehicles for the military. 
By 1970 the business had become unprofitable and absolutely had no other alternative than to sell its operations to American Motors in 1973. 
In 1978, Renault bought a controlling interest in AMC. Since vehicles wouldn't be bought by the military from a foreign managed producer aM General was sold. Ironically, now GM is capitalizing in the design initially achieved by Jeep under the AM General banner.
American Motors set up the first car-production joint venture within the China Republic on January 14, 1984. Produce continued after Chrysler's buyout of AMC. The present version is the Jeep 2500, an updated XJ Cherokee.
Jeep cars have 'model designation' in addition to their own common names. Probably all civilian Jeep until the end-2000's has a "xJ" appellation, though not all are as wellknown as the normal 'CJ'. Chrysler has now rewrote to an 'xK' appellation.
Jeeps are broadly recognized for their ruggedness and dependability on rough terrain and are most celebrated for their solid axles that allow for increased ground clearance by fitting bigger tires. 
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