Peterbilt Motors Company, founded in 1939, is an American maker trucks headquartered in Denton, TX. 

Peterbilt has reigned as America's superior quality heavyduty truck manufacturer since the firm's foundation. 
Peterbilt Motors Company builds tractortrailer big rig trucks and smaller versions within the Class 5-8 size range.
Peterbilt manages production facilities in Denton, Texas; Montreal, Quebec and Madison, Tennesse. There will also be over 200 North American Peterbilt retail centres.
Peterbilt has kept its enviable standing as the Category of the Business by focusing on delivering highperformance, low - care and exceptionally durable vehicles that pay off in driver productivity, low running costs and high resale value. It's the fantasy of every truck driver to possess a Peterbilt.
A little history:
In 1914, the war effort put enormous demands on railroads. The enormous quantity of troops, supplies and food overloaded the railway system. Trucks were called upon to facilitate the weight. Truck manufacturers and operators reacted instantly, but it was clear that, to get the task accomplished, a great highway system was desired. The state and federal governments began by creating highway commissions with responsibility for seeing the roads were assembled and maintained. Truck registrations surpassed one million. The 1920's were years of creation. 
After World War I, engine makers began experimenting with diesel engines. High production cost, weight and complex construction delayed progress. 
In 1919, C.L. Cummins founded the engine business that bears his name and set about enhancing and popularizing the diesel engine. Innovations in truck design continued, although company dropped off appreciably during the Depression. 
The cabover improved in popularity. Except for some delivery services in big cities, horses have been replaced by trucks. The cargo hauling revolution was whole in a quarter-century.
1948: Bill Berluti Sr. starts his first dealership in West Haven, CT.
1960: Peterbilt put out sales and 800 vehicles kept on growing as more and more people started to adore and trust the quality made trucks. The business was soon not able to produce as much as the clients desired, so Peterbilt enlarged to two manufacturing plants and assembled one in Madison, Tenn
By 1973 Peterbilt was providing more than 8,000 of its Peterbilts and by 1975, it had exposed a model of Peterbilt in Canada. Denton become the exclusive manufacturing plant to assemble Peterbilt's 362 COE model truck.
In the early 1960s until the mid1980s, the business was centered in the San Francisco Bay Region of Northern Ca, with its headquarters, and primary plant all-in Newark, Ca. The Newark plant closed in 1986 and consolidated production at its facilities in Denton, Texas and Madison, Tennessee. The Nashville plant was closed last year.
Peterbilt today:
Recently, the firm launched a Class 5 vehicle for urban use, and has also created a line of moderate-duty Peterbilt hybrid vehicles. The latter development has helped to solidify Peterbilt's standing one of the most environmentallyfriendly trucks in the business today.
In addition to the own environmental initiatives, Peterbilt trucks are getting integrated into other such jobs. WalMart declared its intent to use four Peterbilt 386 trucks, this year, fueled with Liquified natural-gas (LNG) at its Apple Valley, California distribution center.
Many more styles and versions of Peterbilts have come out because now and the business is still going strong with many truck drivers desiring to generate and or possess a product of the celebrated Peterbilt Trucks.
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