Alpina works closely with BMW and their procedures are incorporated into BMW's assembly lines, consequently Alpina is identified by TUV as a vehicle manufacturer, as opposed to other functionality specialists that are after-market tuners. For example, the Alpina B7 is created at the exact same assembly line in Dingolfing, Germany, as well as BMW's own 7-Series. 
BMW Alpina 3.0 CSL (1974), pushed by Helmut Koinigg
The first name could be followed to Doctor. Rudolf Bovensiepen, his father, whose firm created office machines.
The first Alpina discontinued to exist at the end-of the '60s in their effort to go to the fashion industry, although Alpina started by creating typewriters. In 1965, Burkard established a BMW tuning company, following his success with investments within the stock exchange. He began the company within an outbuilding of the first Alpina typewriter factory. The firm worked on revised cylinder heads and carburetors. By 1970, with seventy employees, the first facility altered locations from Kaufbeuren to Buchloe.
Between 1968 and 1977, Alpina cars did well in rivalry. 
Brand distinctions
Distinctive characteristics of Alpina autos are 20 spoke alloy wheels, "Alpina Blue" patented metallic paint, along with pricey interior materials utilized to fabricate the unique interior appointments. An average green and blue pattern (same as within the emblem) is frequently used on interior components utilized within the upholstery. materials like stitchings on leather and various. A thin, nearly pinstripe like body decor set in gold or silver too is a trademark of Alpina vehicles. A steel plate interior also demonstrates the tradition as well as the serial number of the auto.
In comparison with automobiles from BMW's inhouse motorsport-rooted subsidiary, BMW M, Alpina's automobiles have more focus on luxurious, greater torque, and have automatic transmissions rather than manual or semiautomatic transmissions. For example, concerning the powerful versions of the BMW E60 5-Series, the B5 provides another take on functionality and the manner to execute it.
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