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Infiniti is the luxury car of the Nissan brand that was created in 1989 to compete with the Japanese Acura and Lexus and with the European brands such as BMW and Audi. The history of the Infiniti brand started two decades ago from selling of the first vehicles.  

The Infiniti brand came to the U.S.A fast but quiet enough. The Q45 model was weakly sold and most people thought the reason was a poor advertisement. The Infiniti created and developed laconic advertisements where a car appeared for short time and just sometimes. 

Later realized its mistakes the Infiniti Company spent rather big amount of finance for advertisement and producing the high-class cars that was repaid. Infiniti models are based on the Nissan platforms and the special vehicles are the G37 sports and the luxury SUV FX.  

We cannot judge if the advertisement strategy of Infiniti was good or bad but the Infiniti vehicles are worth notice. The Q45 model had a V8 engine issuing 278 hp, four-wheel-drive and active suspension however this model was the first one in its class. We should not forget to say about the luxury exterior and interior.

The Infiniti brand is thought over until details. Everything: design, advertisement and logo say about the strong serious company. The logo Infiniti means “far” but the Infiniti Company turned this “far” into the endlessness. 

The Infiniti Company had the goal to become a stable brand to meet the competitions both on the European and Americans auto markets. There was no secret that the European brands exceled traditional brands as Lincoln and Cadillac.

In 1990, Infiniti introduced the second model –M30 that was sold rather slowly compared with the Q45 model. Than the Infiniti brand presented QX4 as the modified version of Nissan Pathfinder, which gave a chance Infiniti to be on the same stage with large auto manufacturers like Jeep and Land Rover.

Infiniti as Hyundai will not stop to exist the brand focused on developing new vehicles. The new step in the Infiniti history began in 2003 when the G35 was released as a predecessor of the G37 model.   

Now days the Infiniti Company has 230 dealer officers in 15 countries: from Mexico to Russia and from Ukraine to China and Taiwan. As most of Japanese carmakers, Infiniti pays special attention at technological improvements. The latest innovations include Anti Scratch Advanced Paint or ASAP and the Around View – an optics system that allows a driver to see everything what surrounds a car. 

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