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BMW M3 Sedan Photos

BMW M3 Sedan

BMW M3 Sedan
BMW M3 Sedan photos.
"The BMW M3 Sedan represent an on-going obligation to the doctrine. The motor is the core of every M version, and also the new turbo-charged six-cylinder unit fitted within both new vehicles combines the virtues of the highrevving naturally-aspirated unit with all the strengths of turbocharger technology. A lightweight design theory generates a weight-saving of around 80 kilograms on the M3. Its peak torque of 550 Newton-metres (406 lbft) is accessible across a broad rev band and outstrips the amount… Read more

BMW M3 Sedan videos

BMW M3 Sedan BMW M3 Sedan BMW M3 Sedan

BMW car Technical specification

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See BMW (ZA) car Technical Specification here
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