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Citroen C2 Photos

Citroen C2

Citroen C2
Citroen C2 photos.
If it started by creating munitions during World War 1, the Citroen business has come a long way since 1914. After creating the classic 2CV, the Citroen hasn't looked back and created a variety of roundtown vehicles, such as the Citroen C2. In a poor light and in the incorrect angle, the Citroen C2 might be mistaken for a Beetle, besides the boxy back-end, that's a more suitable form for a hatchback, which, obviously, the Citroen C2 is. The appearances are where any resemblance the Citroen C2 must… Read more

Citroen C2 videos

Citroen C2Citroen C2Citroen C2
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