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2015 BMW i8 Photos

2015 BMW i8

2015 BMW i8
2015 BMW i8 photos.
2015 BMW i8 Join our excursion to the time to come to discover. John Z. DeLorean aspired to promote an 'ethical' sports-car supposedly safer than traditional twoseaters of his day. BMW's buzz word is 'sustainable.' That Is code for 1 of the first hybrid vehicle with sport purpose to mild between the Porsche 9-18 and the Toyota Prius. Every I 8 excursion starts with a grand do or-opening spectacle. Canted hinges divide the huge difference between scissors and gull wing (scullwing?) formats. Latching… Read more

2015 BMW i8 videos

BMW car Technical specification

See BMW (DE) car Technical Specification here
See BMW (ZA) car Technical Specification here
See BMW-Isetta (DE) car Technical Specification here


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